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Money Do's is a site that is directed to providing individuals with strategies and understanding around financial needs. Every individual has different financial needs. Being aware of alternative approaches and exploring options with their finances is fundamental to making good decisions.

Understanding how small changes can actually improve your financial position is an important aspect of the work presented here. We have no affiliation with any financial institution.  We are not financial advisers, brokers or tax advisors. We do not represent any financial institution or interest.

Our goal is to broaden the approach to challenging and important financial decisions we all face and provide information that empowers the user to make their decisions on how to proceed. 

Thomas Forsyth is the editor and a contributor to the commentary provided here. His background includes 18 years of financial experience with positions at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Banco di Roma and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. While at these financial institutions he had the opportunity to work with international and domestic Corporate Clients and international and domestic Financial Institutions. Upon leaving the financial industry, he joined several hi-tech firms to work on both financial software and the development of both hardware devices and operating systems. His background includes time with Intuit, Palm and Microsoft.

Thomas has maintained a constant interest in providing individuals with knowledge and understanding of complex financial transactions. This website is an effort to make individuals aware of potential financial issues and strategies that can improve their decisions and provide the opportunity for better outcomes.


This site is a work in progress and expectations are to increase the issues discussed and provide tools to assist the user.

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